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5 Secrets to an Attention-Grabbing Company Profile Design

  1. First impression that deserves a second look
  2. Set your standards
  3. Impeccable design
  4. Keep it arranged
  5. Consistency!

Your company is your brand. It’s one of the first things your client’s mentally take note on. So creating an iconic company profile (profil syarikat) design should be considered in high regard. Take a look at these 5 must-haves to grab your next client’s attention. There are other things to take into account other than the content itself!

1. First impression that deserves a second look

An eye-catching company profile cover design is the first thing your readers inspect

What your future prospects see first is your company profile cover. Just like how you take a second glance at someone, they were attractive enough to receive your attention-don’t deny it. Designers strive the hardest to create page cover excellence so, that company profile you decided to pick up took days to perfect.

So, invest more time to design your company profile cover. Our advice is to propose several designs before deciding on one that has the most aesthetically pleasing first impression. You’re not done yet, take into consideration your cover’s finishes-matte, gloss or spot UV for an even finer result. The feel under the reader’s fingertips combined with an engaging cover is worthy of a flip-through.

2. Set your standards

Elements and overall concept should correspond with each other

If you’re a vegetarian, it would be ridiculous to work in a butcher shop, right? That’s why it’s necessary to keep standards in check when deciding on the design of your company profile. It is a contributing factor how much in-depth research your company conducted to impress your future clients to seek your products or services.

For example, if you’re a company specializing in agriculture, it’s paramount that you incorporate relevant and contemporary elements throughout your company profile that correspond with said industry standards. This way, your prospects immediately notice how up-to-date your company is.

3. Impeccable design

Not everyone is blessed with a knack for exceptional designing traits. But covering the basics should suffice when creating a company profile design, primarily color schemes and the overall theme of the design. One crucial tip to never overdo designs, be it for a company profile or anything else for that matter.

It’s in your best interest to stick to a maximum of 4 colors, unless you’re an artsy brand which entitles you to present a burst of color throughout your company profile. If not, be wary of melding different colors so the end product looks wisely fashioned.

Work with different but coordinating colors that fit the company brand

4. Keep it arranged

Arrangement of content pleases future prospects
How you arrange your content keep your prospects reading naturally

Now the fun part, arranging! Organize your content and copywriting in the most systematized way to generate flawless information transfer to your potential clients. A word of caution: display enough white space to your copywriting so it doesn’t seem as lengthy which nobody is interested in.

The manner of arranging and alignment of content should also be a priority. For sections that include a sequence such as Our History or Our Projects, opt for a generic and well-structured timeline to engage your readers.

5. Consistency!

Any irregularity within your company profile design may detriment any further interest from your reader. Does your theme harmonize between pages? Are your fonts compatible with the theme and interchangeable? Are your presented images in the correct order with similar border and sizes?

Take note of these disregarded components before you submit it to print because there’s no going back to printing stacks of disorderly company profiles. There’s no point in a perfect design and arrangement of content if the overall consistency is out the window!

Fonts, design and overall theme must meld with each other seamlessly

Too complicated for you?

It can’t be denied that a company profile should be perfected and polished in accordance to these secrets. But these tips may sound a bit impractical and complex for someone just beginning to design a company profile. Fret not! We’re here to assist you in any issues to ensure your potential prospect will undoubtedly commemorate your company profile.

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