2021 Tips & Trends to Sell Consumer Packaged Goods Online

Selling consumer packaged goods online has spiked in sales thanks to platforms like Amazon and Shopee.

Even before the pandemic, CPG sales evolved rapidly due to consumer behavior. But, during the lockdown, more people had to rely on online shopping, even those who hadn’t tried before.

The past few years have shown exceptional growth for the CPG industry, but it is expected to continue over the years.

Hence, as business owners in Malaysia, it is crucial to adapt to consumer packaged goods online trends in 2021.

What does CPG mean in marketing?

Basically, CPG or consumer packaged goods are daily essentials that consumers regularly buy that need frequent replacing or replenishing. These items include food, beverages, clothes, makeup, and household products.

Since they are essential items, there are many CPG companies in retail. The largest CPG companies have their own in-house CPG marketing team but we’re here to uncover their secrets.


Consumer Packaged Goods Online Marketing Trends

In general, the CPG industry seems like a fairly accessible market given that they supply daily items but CPG digital marketing is not so easy.

But with the right CPG e-commerce tips and trends below, you’ll be on your way to become a top contender amongst the top CPG companies in Malaysia.

Omnichannel Strategies for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

You want to present a consistent brand to your consumers and you’re online channels should be consistent too.

By providing a seamless user experience both offline and online, your customers are more inclined to stay with your brand longer.

Here are the omnichannel strategies for CPG businesses:

  1. Have a mobile-friendly website
  2. Identify customers’ most frequently used channel
  3. Map out your customer’s journey of your platforms
  4. Match your content with the suitable channel
  5. Segment your visitors according to triggers, geo-location, and behavior.
  6. Provide omnichannel customer support
  7. Invest in offline and online marketing
  8. Keep customer’s data for personalized marketing

CPG Subscription Models

Certainly, Consumer Packaged Goods is the perfect industry for subscription models. Research has shown that subscriber growth rapidly grew when consumer packaged goods companies implemented subscription models.

This is because there is a mutual value exchange for both consumers and CPG companies. Basically, merchants have better revenue predictions, inventory management, and higher average orders.

Whereas, consumers have the convenience of online shopping hassle-free with good deals and promotions when they choose to subscribe.

Better CPG Branding

When it comes to expressing your brand to new and current online shoppers, having a consistent brand identity is crucial. A good CPG brand management should include engaging creative elements across multiple devices and channels to effectively attract consumers.

Also, great packaged goods branding creates a strong identity for people to cling to, ensuring that your business is visually portrayed expertly.

Consumer Personalization

Despite the digital world that can seem impersonal, by collecting your consumer’s data, you can provide a more personalized experience for them.

Hence, with a better understanding of your customer’s preferences, you can provide them with the best digital experience and better connect with them.


The Guide to Sell Consumer Packaged Goods Online

A drastic incline to your CPG sales growth won’t happen overnight but with these CPG marketing strategies, you’ll have a better handle on eCommerce.

All in all, selling CPG online helps merchants lower their overhead, ensure buyer and brand loyalty, and create the opportunity for rapid innovation

However, we know how daunting it can be to implement these strategies alone which is why we’re the CPG brand marketing agency you can count on!

So let us be a part of your growth and success with the best digital marketing strategies to become one of the top emerging CPG brands.

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