Why Good Website Design is Important for Business

If you plan to have a business website (which you should), you may also want to invest in a good website design.

Having a good website design is extremely important for business. It is because your website design can influence your customers’ experience and lead generation.

Why Good Website Design is Important for Business?

As a matter of fact, people tend to be more attracted to great visuals, including a well-designed websiteMoreover, a website with good design will pique your customers’ interest to explore your site further.

On the other hand, if your website is poorly designed, your customers will lose interest and stop using your site. As a result, you will lose your leads.

Therefore, this article will explain further why a good website design is essential for business.

  1. Sets good first impression
  2. Improves SEO
  3. Builds trust
  4. Sets you apart from competitors

Sets good first impression

First impressions are powerful. According to research done by Google, it takes less than 1 second for users to form their first impressions of your website design. In this case, most first impressions are influenced by the look and feel of your website.

Furthermore, good first impressions mean the audience feels welcomed and encouraged to explore your site further. On the other hand, a poorly designed website will create negative impressions of your business and discourage them from staying on your page.

Hence, your website design can either set a good first impression for visitors or drives them away.

Improves SEO

A website design isn’t just about visuals. It also includes what happens behind the scene and how the design comes together, significantly affecting SEO.

Let’s take loading speed for example. For your information, loading speed is one of the most vital factors of SEO.

So, if your website has too many elements and large images, it will affect the loading speed. As a result, not only it will drive away visitors, it will also hurt your SEO.

To put it simply, you should put user experience first when designing your website. Making your code SEO-friendly is the first great step.

Builds trust with good website design

It is no doubt that your visitors will judge your business based on the web design. The idea is simple. A professional and clean web design means credibility and legitimacy. Meanwhile, an outdated and poorly designed website makes your business looks shady.

So, to gain the trust of your visitors, your website design should be clean and engaging. Avoid making your website design looks amateur. One of the best ways to do this is to hire a professional web design company that knows what they’re doing.

Sets you apart from your competitors

Every business can have a website, so what makes your website any different? The answer is the design. A well-thought and dynamic design will make your site stand out among competitors.

That being said, having a good design is an opportunity to set you apart from your competitors, especially if you are offering the same services with similar pricing. Therefore, the design can be just the thing that makes you different from your competitors.


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