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Marketing collateral are materials and media used to create impressions and to market your business.

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Our Past Works

Poster Design for Exhibition

Poster Design for Exhibition

Client: Averex Sdn Bhd
Trailer Canvas Design

Trailer Canvas Design

Client: Malee / San Seng Lee

Bunting Design

Client: Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken

Brand Outlet & Promotion Design

Client: Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken

Roadside Bunting & Banner Design

Client: TMJ Development Sdn Bhd

Exhibition Booth Design

Client: Sweet Corn

Bunting Design

Client: BB Miracle

Roadside Bunting Design

Client: Knowledge Group of Companies

Roadside banner and bunting design

Client: Pak Chun Construction Sdn Bhd

Bunting design for oversea exhibition


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One-Time Professional Design Fee Starting from RM 1,850

Design Process / Our Design Process

Initial Preparation

  • Proposal & Timeline
  • Proposal Signoff
  • Payment Arrangment
  • Details form submitted
  • Details Preparation

Design & Development

  • Design Implementation start
  • Show 1st proof of overall concept design
  • Discussion & Feedback #1
  • Show 1st revision of design
  • Discussion & Feedback #2
  • Show 2nd revision of design

Completion & Delivery

  • Project Sign Off
  • Balance Payment Arrangment
  • Final Artwork Preparation
  • Printing In Progress
  • Project Completion and Delivery

Start your design project now

One-Time Professional Design Fee Starting from RM 1,850

We are bunting banner and backdrop design professional in Malaysia. Bunting and backdrop are good marketing tools during exhibition. A beautiful and attractive bunting and backdrop can stands out from the rack of competitors. Besides, we are also constantly involve in the banner and signboard design services.

Besides, we also design and print accessories for exhibition; paperbag, bookmark, money packet , t-shirt , magnet and guides to name a few.