3 Steps to run a Business in the Digital Era



# Step 1 : Start your Business

From Employee to Entrepreneur
In general, there are 2 types of business entities in Malaysia that suits to a new startup business. A sole Proprietorship / Partnership and Sendirian Berhad. For a startup with minimum budget, you may opt to register as a Sole Proprietorship / Partnership in SSM – https://www.ssm.com.my/. It has a minimum startup fee of about hundred a year compare to register as a Sendirian Berhad that will cost a few thousands a year.


You have registered a business in SSM. What is next?

Create a logo

A logo can be a simple company logo or a brand logo. Create a simple one to start with. It can be a word logo created using your word file.  You may always enhance it in the later stage when your business are growing stable. A unique designed logo should always portray your business nature. I will explain it in more details one of these days.


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10 Questions to ask before start the packaging design

10 questions to ask before starting a packaging design

10 Questions to ask before start the packaging design

Packaging design is the most crucial form of branding that gives substance to the product itself, where people will hold, keep or even give to others as a gift. Food Packaging designs are important because it gives the brand a representation where all the small details count and make a difference. It is the gateway between the unknown to the known. It is at this stage – food packaging design, where some brands are able to meet the mark and soar up to greatness, and where some fall and crumble. (more…)

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10 Key checklist to start your Food Packaging Design


Food packaging design is so important when it comes to getting a product out in the market. Did you know that consumers are purely drawn to a design based on instinct? Eye-tracking studies show that consumers read on average only seven words in an entire shopping trip, buying instinctively by color, shape and familiarity of location. But then again, there is so much more when it comes to designing a package. (more…)

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