Why Good Website Design is Important for Business


If you plan to have a business website (which you should), you may also want to invest in a good website design.

Having a good website design is extremely important for business. It is because your website design can influence your customers’ experience and lead generation.
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Website Conversion Rate Metrics You Should be Tracking


If your website isn’t reaching your target goals, you need to check up on your conversion rate metrics.

But which one should you track? There are so many conversion rate metrics at your disposal so it can be overwhelming for the untrained eye.

In this article, we list down the top most important metrics that you should track to help boost your online presence.

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15 Easy Tips to Build Your First Business Website

15 Easy Tips to Build Your First Business Website

Are you ready to launch your first business website?

For any new business, having a good, complete business website is essential.

However, for those who have never had their own website before, getting started can be scary.

So here are some easy pointers for creating your first business website.

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