The Cost to Make a Company Profile: 4 Charges


As a business owner, having a company profile is a must to remain relevant among your competitors.

Frankly, your company loses a sense of dignity if you’re too penny-pinching to think twice of the cost to have a company profile.

Then, after taking that extra mile, your company will grow further. Hire a professional to do it for you! Customized fitting to your preference.

Want to know what you’re paying for? Long story short, here are 5 charges when we construct your company profile.


Plan, discuss and study the company
Extensive planning and studying about your company organizes details to include in your company profile

First and foremost, hired professionals usually give out a simple form for you to fill in. This consists of particulars of your company.

Therefore, every detail you wish to present to your future prospects is clear.

In conclusion, there are several details that need to be studied to create the ultimate company profile worth 10% of the total cost.


1. Company

Essentially, portraying your company’s values in your company profile is a must.

But, if you already have a definitive branding, discuss with the hired designer for clarification.

As an example, Nike has a clear vision on their branding-sports and lifestyle. However, their level of branding is able to not only attract athletes but also for casual and leisure wear.


2. Audience

Honestly speaking, your brand can’t be all things to all people. Hence, your brand identity requires extensive study to identify how you should cater to your target customers.

Take Walt Disney for example, they primarily focus on animation that appeals to children. On the other hand, they also address environmental, philanthropic and investment purposes.

They were able to connect to the masses with their far-reaching principles.

3. Competitors

Measuring your consumer’s preference for your product and/or services is used to compare with other similar businesses.

Moreover, if your company has a high market share, this means greater sales. As a result, this forms as a strong barrier for other competitors.


4. Industry Standards

To capture a bigger picture, a deep research is needed to fully grasp the industry your company is in.

For example, if you’re in the skin care industry, your animal-cruelty products should be highlighted like Tarte who also produces vegan-friendly skin care.

Consequently, Tarte has received the better end of sales as there are only a few high-end skin care brands that have this quality.


Design Compositions

Company profile design includes elements and overall theme that work well together
Compositions of the design should complement the brand

Similarly, the design of your company profile is as important as your products and/or service. Thus, it costs 50% of the total price and rightly so.

Be that as it may, you might think designing a company profile is just a play of colors and elements. Actually, it is the most intricate and complex process.

In addition, there are so many things to consider when designing. One of them is deciding the theme, type face and fonts.


But, if a company sets the themes and elements they wish to present, the designing process will be cut shorter than usual.

Most importantly, designers scrutinize over these elements to ensure there is balance and harmony between them.

Primarily, designers use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Including royalty-free elements and photos are part of the cost as well.

Nevertheless, some trial and errors with a few revisions are required but  the end product will be beyond expectations.



Copywriters need a good environment to let their creative juices flow

Having incredible copy writing is a direct way to increase leads.

Despite that, companies don’t know that it requires a level of linguistic skill to work around words. Thus, 20% of the total cost goes to copy writing.

First of all, companies should state their preference in tone of voice and level of intellect. This enables the copy writer to develop a strategy to write about your company.

Also, take note that different structure of language depends on your target audience’s readability.

Primarily, there are three company types-trading/distributing, product manufacturing and project-based.


Copy writers must familiarize with these categories to include in the right terms and context.

For a clearer view, content such as the distribution channel and dealership are used for trading businesses.

Comparatively, for product manufacturers, their production capability and export/import manner should be included.

The project scale and infrastructure is taken into account if a company is project-based.



After all is said and done, the completed company profile can be sent to print. Although priced up to 20% of the overall cost, there are a few aspects to take into account.

How many would you like your company profile to be printed? 50? 100?

Regardless, we can get the job done for you, hassle-free! For  a smooth flow of progress, the quantity of print is usually confirmed in the early stages.

There is also the matter of print finishes or quality. Normally, this is for the cover of the company profile as it is your company’s first impression.

To name a few, there are options for matte lamination, gloss lamination, spot UV or hot-stamping. We can assure you the best quality print no matter the cost!


Made your decision?

Now you’re aware of all the costs, you know what you’re paying for! To know the step-by-step procedure of creating a company design, take a look here.

We’ll help you from A-Z to create the perfect company profile. So set a date with us, consultation is free!

WhatsApp us now to get a FREE consultation!

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