10 Questions to ask before start the packaging design

10 questions to ask before starting a packaging design

Packaging design is the most crucial form of branding that gives substance to the product itself, where people will hold, keep or even give to others as a gift. Food Packaging designs are important because it gives the brand a representation where all the small details count and make a difference. It is the gateway between the unknown to the known. It is at this stage – food packaging design, where some brands are able to meet the mark and soar up to greatness, and where some fall and crumble.

But what makes a good food packaging design? What makes it memorable and relatable to the product? It is imperative that the right questions be asked in order to get the perfect food packaging design that will stand out for all the good reasons. Below are 10 potential questions that should be addressed before designing a food package:

#1  What is the product?

It’s important to know what the food product is before designing anything. Be sure to identify if it’s a perishable good or not. In current times, some food packages come in a package where food can be prepared in. Also, ask follow up questions when designing a food package. It is important to understand every aspect of things, because if you don’t, there really was not point to begin designing

Product Packaging Design

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#2  Who are your competitors?

When the thought of creating a design for a food packaging arises, it is vital to weigh the design options based on who your competitors are. A well thought out design package will not only look good, but it will be able to establish a clear distinction amongst the array of choices available in the market.

Who is the competitor

#3  What makes the product unique?

Highlighting what makes your food product unique and different on the food packaging design has its perks. This way, potential customers will get to know what sets your brand apart from the other brands out there. A product’s Unique Selling Point is one of the main reasons a specified targeted audience will choose your brand over your competitors. So, sell your uniqueness on the packaging design itself.

What is your product unique selling point

#4  Who are your targeted audience?

Knowing to whom your product is catering to is a big deal it designing a food package. Why? Well, it gives you more options. For example, should the package be easy to open, how should the product be displayed, what font type and size would be appropriate, what colours would be suitable, etc. Take Heinz Ketchup as a simple example, where a simple tweak made all the difference.

Heinz Ketchup initially used the conventional glass bottles as their packaging, but eventually they realized children who tried to pour out the ketchup were having a hard time. So, Heinz Ketchup decided to come out with an alternate package for their ketchup that would be convenient for kids – a squirt bottle, that were used by adults as well.

Who is your target audience

#5  What is the goal of the food packaging design?

When thinking about what is the goal of the Food package, things like sustainability, shelf appeal, and lowering costs, etc, should come to mind. These questions are sometimes overlooked, and it can cause you a lot. Apart from that, being the most eye catching one out there can also be a great goal.

Trying to identify what hooks on to customers and what sticks is important in food packaging design, if you want to leave a lasting and memorable impression.

#6  Are your nutritional facts and ingredients in place?

Having nutritional facts and the ingredients on a food packaging design is a no brainer, everyone knows that. But what fails to be done is that some packages do not state every ingredient or nutritional fact. This is important and should not be taken lightly.

If you know what your ingredients are but are not sure about its nutritional facts, Brooker Laboratories can help you out. This site helps you generate the nutritional profile of you ingredients. Its important to have everything in order, because if you lack a fact, you’ll be at the back!

Nutrition Fact on the label

#7  Packaging materials and design cost

Think about what material  your food package will be in. Some designs can only be perfectly executed if the right materials are used. The conventional materials used are plastic, aluminum, glass, and paperboards. However, in current times there have been advancements in eco- friendly packaging material.

When working with designers to produce your packaging design, it is important to note that, when the development process is out of the way, 80% of the cost is fixed. This means, in the manufacturing stage, about 20% of the cost occurs. Thus, there is an opportunity to save cost in the designing and manufacturing area.

#8  What are your distribution channels?

Some may not see this as an important aspect to think about, but as a matter in fact, it does play an important role. For example, if your food product can only be purchased online, will a UPC code be necessary? If the product is sold at big-box stores, then it will probably want a ready retail packaging, such as a branded case where the products can be nicely displayed instead of shelving each product individually. So its not always about a package that is made individually but sometimes, given the situation, the packaging process would include a cased food packaging design.

#9  Does your product already have a UPC?

The UPC is an important barcode to have on your food packaging design, however there are some new entrepreneurs who have no idea what that is or where they can get it from. Are you a new entrepreneur trying to get in the game? because if you are, you should know what UPC stands for.

UPC stands for Universal Product Code. Now what that means is, a graphical barcode that can easily be scanned. The barcode has information of the manufacturer of the product, manufacturer’s item number, and lastly a ‘check’ to verify the product. If you already have a UPC but have yet to get a barcode for it, you can generate your own barcode through,  free online barcode generator.


#10 When is the estimated launch date of the product?

By now, it is evident that some aspects might take longer than others. By knowing when is the launch date, you can make an estimation of what your real timeline should be.

Product Launching Date


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