Simple Branding Tips for a Small Business in Malaysia

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Startup branding tips for Malaysian SMEs

Who said a small business in Malaysia doesn’t need branding tips?

Sure there are loads of competitors with successful brands of their own but that doesn’t mean a startup such as yourself should just stay on the sidelines. 

As a branding buddy, we know you don’t need to break the bank to create an effective brand strategy that appeals to the right audience. Quite frankly, there are plenty of marketing tips for small businesses you can do for your brand to stand out. Before long, you’ll be in the top league! Read More

15 Brand Collateral Ideas for Every Malaysian Business (2020)

15 Brand Collateral Ideas for Every Malaysian Business (2020)

To be recognized wherever people go, one must establish consistency through and through.

When customers and potential clients see brands that use the same colors, fonts, patterns, logos and aesthetics consistently, they mentally associate those visuals to the business. Read More