15 Brand Collateral Ideas for Every Malaysian Business (2020)

To be recognized wherever people go, one must establish consistency through and through.

When customers and potential clients see brands that use the same colors, fonts, patterns, logos and aesthetics consistently, they mentally associate those visuals to the business.

Take Ramly for example,

Their brand is well-known for being ‘burger tepi jalan’ for their affordable yet delectable taste for so many years. Because of this stigma, it was no shock that customers were indifferent to Ramly’s line of cheesecakes.

Netizens rallied to help them succeed and advised to change their branding as it was so ingrained into people’s minds that Ramly=burgers.

So consider this for your brand. The best way you can be consistent is with brand collateral.

Brand Collateral? I’ve never heard that before.

It’s basically any media, visual or merchandise used to market and promote your brand.

It can be as small as a business card or as big as a billboard!

You’ve probably come across some collateral items yourself because it’s practically everywhere.

Think your brand has enough brand collateral? Think again.

Here are 15 collateral items that you can implement in your marketing to create a better experience for your customers.

1. Company Profile

Whether it’s for your end-user or to apply a business loan, a company profile consists of all your company’s important details.

Usually, company profiles are used for the long term as it can be used for plenty of purposes.

ReadWhy Every Business Needs a Company Profile.

2. Packaging

Your product packaging has a big impact on your customer’s purchase. Especially in 2020 where there’s millions of similar products as yours.

So make the design remember-able.

Are you in the food business? Here’s some tips on how to choose the right food packaging.

3. Brochures

Can you remember the last time you received a brochure? You don’t? Well they aren’t extinct!

Frequently handed out during events and fairs, people often just take a glance and throw them away.

Brochures with a perfected design, well-structured content and consistent brand colors steer clear of the trashcan.

4. Business Cards

You might think that business cards are soo 2000’s but think again! They are actually really helpful if you want to share your website URL or social handles all in one card.

Plus, you can design a name card any way you want. When we say any, we mean the sky’s the limit!

5. Poster

Posters are timeless! What falls out of date fast is the design. So unleash your creativity within a poster.

If your poster is mesmerizing enough, passers-by will stop in their tracks to take in your poster and before you know it-LEADS!.

6. Signage

A signage catches the most attention so create a good first impression! You can be as creative as you like.

However, keep in mind of the regulations of advertising in a rented space. Redoing a design can be strenuous to your pocket.


Source: Billboard design for Boxter Footwear

7. Handouts

Do you have an upcoming event, presentation or campaign? You do? Print out some eye-catching handouts to exploit the opportunity of attendees cum future clients.

Be careful though. Don’t squish in too many information. It’s enough to provide general details combined with you brand colors and themes for a professional look.

8. Pricing Sheets

Also known as quotes, these handy data sheets are helpful when prospective clients inquire about your prices (it’s the first thing they ask).

Don’t make it drab and boring like the others. Integrate your brand concept into the design of your pricing guide. Consistency is convincing!

Source: Product Data Sheet for Sermix Refractory

9. Merchandise

Merchandise is the most forward brand collateral there is. Shirts, bags, mugs, even umbrellas are some of the merchandise brands can create.

Due to the peak of online businesses, merchandise has been gradually forgotten. It’s not a bad thing.

Now it’s your chance to be the only business that does!

10. Stamps and Stickers

Have your own set of stickers and stamps to spruce up your packaging, gifts or letters.

It’ll come in handy if you need a quick brand stamp to anything you have.

11. Promotional Graphics

Advertisements are always the go-to marketing strategy. They grab people’s attention for them to take action immediately.

If you have an upcoming event or a new release of products, advertise them in a way viewers will stop to explore more about it.

12. Presentation Slides

Have a conference meeting? Need to pitch your business? Prepare a branded presentation consistent with your brand theme for an added effect.

Your prospects will appreciate how professional and legitimate your company is based on the coherence of everything.

13. Infographics

Do you have your own website? If yes, then include infographics in your blog postings, process page or your services page.

They present your data in a clear and visual way which is great for engagement.

Plus, it’s totally shareable perfect to gain more exposure.

Source: Content Marketing for Bullmax 

14. Online Banners

Is your online shop looking a bit bare? That’s what banners are for.

No need to go overboard. Just make sure your brand is highlighted together with your brand colors and concepts.

Source: Christmas Banner for Bullmax 

15. Social Media Graphics

Businesses reap the best rewards if they have Instagram. It’s one of the main ways to create brand awareness with your audience.

Whether you’re posting your portfolio, products or an occasional quote, mix that with a brand style that your viewers can associate your brand with. That way, you’ll gain likes in no time!

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Too much to handle?

Chill! You don’t have to implement ALL of the above. Do what’s best for your brand.

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