2021 Tips & Trends to Sell Consumer Packaged Goods Online


Selling consumer packaged goods online has spiked in sales thanks to platforms like Amazon and Shopee.

Even before the pandemic, CPG sales evolved rapidly due to consumer behavior. But, during the lockdown, more people had to rely on online shopping, even those who hadn’t tried before.

The past few years have shown exceptional growth for the CPG industry, but it is expected to continue over the years.

Hence, as business owners in Malaysia, it is crucial to adapt to consumer packaged goods online trends in 2021.

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Website Conversion Rate Metrics You Should be Tracking


If your website isn’t reaching your target goals, you need to check up on your conversion rate metrics.

But which one should you track? There are so many conversion rate metrics at your disposal so it can be overwhelming for the untrained eye.

In this article, we list down the top most important metrics that you should track to help boost your online presence.

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7 Tips for Creating Effective Headlines for Your Website Content


7 Tips for Creating Effective Headlines for Your Website Content

Effective headlines attract people to read your website content

It is a known fact that most people tend to read the headlines first before anything else. Headline holds a lot of power. If it’s effective, people will most likely read your content but if it’s not, they will leave.

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