10 Key Checklist to Start your Food Packaging Design


A food packaging design checklist is essential before a product is out in the market. Did you know that consumers are purely drawn to a design based on instinct?

Eye-tracking studies show that consumers read on average only seven words on an entire shopping trip. They buy instinctively by color, shape and familiarity of location. But then again, there is so much more when it comes to designing a package.

The Complete Food Packaging Design Checklist

There are a few things that are looked into before a food package is designed. This helps in the process of knowing exactly how hard to hit the bullseye on the target. It’s impossible to just do something without a plan or a checklist, right? The design of food packaging surely does.

So as the best food packaging experts, here is a complete food packaging checklist to help your product fly off the shelves.

#1 Food Packaging Design


Source : [Packagingoftheworld]

Depending on what the food product is, it is important to be practical about it. You can’t design a microwaveable meal package using a tiny thin box, can you? The customer will literally be in a hot mess, and in the end, you would too!

Where design is concerned, remember to always have a practical packaging design. Did you know that 93% of consumers make a purchase decision based on visual appearance and color? There is no point in having a beautiful, standout, informative package if it’s not practical.

#2 Shape of Food Package


Put yourself in this scenario, you’re in a convenience store and notice a biscuit box shaped like a triangle. Because it caught your attention and you’re a sweet tooth, you bought it.

It tastes good but you’re not satisfied. Well, that’s because the biscuits are rectangular in a triangle box, so only a few pieces are in the package. Now you’re left hungry.

Size matters. The packaging size is a very important factor because it plays a huge role in logistics. If a product package is designed poorly, this would production costs are higher.

One of the surefire food product packaging ideas is to determine the right shape and size for the food product. Then, once this is out of the way, choose the right material for a good food packaging design.

#3 Brand Name 

It’s all in the name, as the old proverb goes. A good food packaging design should hold on to this. Calling a black dog Snow rather than Dark Night would be terribly misleading, don’t you think?

Similarly, if a brand’s name symbolizes something sweet and/or sour, the food packaging graphic design should represent that as well. If a packaging design can emulate the brand’s name well, this will add value to the brand and even the product.

#4 Unique Selling Point (USP) of Food Product

Let’s assume that you launched a product that you know will be the customer’s new favorite because your brand has that extra something that other brands don’t. If you have that quality, you should focus on highlighting that.

food packaging design showing the product’s uniqueness will benefit your brand in the marketing industry. However, if your product doesn’t have any unique selling points, fret not.

With an amazing design of food packaging with the right color combinations, fonts, layouts and so on, you can attract potential customers. Thus leaving a lasting impression through your food packaging design alone.

#5 The Target Audience

A well-planned and good food packaging design can attract the desired audience. But, it is important to first identify who your target audience is before designing a package.

First of all, identify the age range; how old is your targeted audience? This would help you identify how far you can take your food packaging design.

Once you’ve identified the age group, narrow it down to male, female or both. Then again, food products aren’t specific to gender but it’s good to have those results on hand.

Hence, thinking about these little aspects can go a long way in creating the best food packaging design.  

#6 Special Highlights on Food Packaging

Unfortunately, most packaging designs do not have this quality. Some products have special highlights that appeal to their customers because they know it would be a shame if it was on the packaging. 

For instance, if there was a yummy chocolate cake with equally tasteful packaging design, it will surely attract a variety of customers. These customers will continue buying this product without ever knowing that adding whipped cream on top of the cake could enhance its chocolaty taste.

Customers would be missing out on this, and the creators/owners of the product would be missing out on potential added value.

#7 Tagline of Food Product

Taglines are a fun thing to add to a food packaging design as it makes the product more memorable. Oreo’s tagline is “Milk’s favorite cookie” which makes their customers feel a glass of milk is not complete without Oreo cookies.

But it doesn’t stop there. Their slogan “Twist, lick, and dunk” also suggests customers dunk Oreos in milk. It’s amazing how a single brand can have the power to influence customers with the right words. 

Oreo cookies were able to be influential through its packaging design. But, keep in mind it should be written clearly for buyers. So implementing a tagline on a product package can really help sell a product beyond imagination.

#8 Nutritional Facts on Food Label


Source : [Nutrition Food Label]

This should be a no brainer for the consumer goods. In current times, people are becoming more concerned about their health. As the saying goes, you are what you eat.

The nutrition facts of food packaging should be specified clearly following the set guidelines. Customers appreciate a brand when they are informed on what they are putting in their bodies, don’t we all?

Also, it is valuable information for customers that need to watch their daily nutrients and calory intake. Thus, this helps educate them on certain nutrients they previously did not know about.

#9 Ingredients Label on Food Packaging

Food packaging especially must state the ingredients that are used in the product. Frankly, there are many foods that people are allergic to.

The last thing you need is angry customers blaming you for their allergic reaction or worse, death. All just because you decided to not display the ingredients on your food packaging design.

#10 Warning Signs 

Just like how there are warning signs at the deep end of a swimming pool, a food product’s packaging design needs warning signs too.

This helps to let customers know of the precautions to take and what to avoid when handling the food. For example, placing a warning sign of the harmful mixtures of certain food products could save a life.

Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Check your Food Packaging Checklist 

People are instinctively attracted to beautiful things that are pleasant to the eyes. A food product that is well designed and interesting is bound to attract more potential customers than a product that is poorly designed and looks bland.

This is essential in food packaging design. After all, it is the key element when marketing a product and guaranteeing it sells. Only then can your food packaging design will be remembered for years to come.

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