5 Best Company Profile Design Examples for Inspiration

Making a company profile design or corporate profile design is a very big responsibility. Don’t just focus on the design, the arrangement of content is crucial as well. After all, it is the most descriptive piece of information a company can offer.

Creating a readable but attractive company profile (profil syarikat) from scratch yourself is bothersome.

But, perfecting the design could take hours! We cherry picked our best company profiles designed by our very own in-house professionals to inspire your own.


A corporate profile design should be timeless so it can last through the years without the need to revamp every once in a while.

With a dynamic design, it can do wonders in describing your company in a compelling and impressive way.

SL Container Company Profile Design       SL Container Company Profile Design


Corporate business or not, this modern and stylish company profile is perfect to stay ahead.

Splashing colors into this clear-cut design engages the reader to flip through pleasantly.

Mix that with abbreviated copywriting, this style of company profile flawlessly represents your company.

Modern Company Profile Design - HR Supplies      Modern Company Profile Design HR Supplies


Professionalism goes hand in hand with a minimalist design.

Some styles may be too overwhelming for companies that don’t want to beat around the bush. We chose this minimal design for our clients who wanted their services to speak for themselves. They surely spoke volumes if we say so ourselves.

Minimalist Company Profile Design - Allied Food Service       Minimalist Company Profile Design - Allied Food Service


When this client required a 64 page company profile, only two words came to mind: Challenge accepted!

We decided to take a creative approach to design their extensive corporate profile. With a design that practically jumps out of this booklet and cleverly structured content, this creative project instantly bested our wall of fame.



There’s a fine line between being concise and too wordy.

Having a compact design for a corporate profile is the ideal style for companies that want fewer pages but packed with information.

Even though it’s a challenge, with a cohesive design, other companies would only wish they had done the same.

Compact Company Profile Design       Compact Company Profile Design

Inspired yet?

These exquisite and refined samples of company profiles are just the tip of the iceberg compared to what we are capable of.

Read 5 secrets to an attention-grabbing company profile to see just how we craft terrific profiles of companies.

So stop wasting precious time to design a company profile on your own. Let us, the professionals do it for you in a jiffy.

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