How Much Does a Company Profile Design Cost?(2020 Full Breakdown)

How Much Does a Company Profile Design Cost?

The first thing our customer asks us is ‘How much do you charge for a company profile?’ or ‘How much does a company profile design cost?’

No need to beat around the bush. We’ll help you spend your money on what matters. 

Before we get into the cost breakdown of a company profile design, have you thought of why you need a company profile?

We’ve been in business a long time and client’s from various industries has hired us to design their company profile. 

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Let’s take a closer look at the factors involved that affect the price of a company profile design.

Cost to Create a Company Profile: Breakdown

Design Cost of a Company Profile

  • Overall concept
  • Number of pages
  • Photo editing
  • Design revisions
  • Manpower

Printing Cost of a Company Profile

  • Cover
  • Binding
  • Dimension
  • Finishing
  • Number of printed pages

Some of the above are optional so choose wisely. 

However, they end up looking for us to amend what they haven’t chosen since they might not have legitimate resources.

In fact, it’s much cheaper and safer if you hire only one trusted professional to do the whole thing. 

Design Cost of a Company Profile

Price of Company Profile Layout

Every corporate profile needs an overall concept.

If you’re looking for faster results, a professional designer can resource millions of themes and templates.

A custom layout can take up weeks to design and it way more costly, so unless if you have the time and the budget, go ahead. 

Using a ready-made template may sound unoriginal and tasteless but there’s still design work to be done.

After all, the designer chose a perfect-fitting template for your business so customization catered to you is always a choice. 

Customization includes all things design such as color schemes, design identity and typography.

All of which will be specially chosen to best suit your brand identity and target market. 

With all elements considered, the overall layout can range between RM500 ~ RM2000. 

Tip: Consistency is important for your brand. So consider a concept that can look good on every other brand material you have. 



Price to Design Pages of  Company Profile

If you’ve done your research, you may have come across designers that have already set a range of X pages for RMXYZ.

Let’s say you need more than 12 pages, how much will that cost? 

First of all, do you really need those extra pages? Design packages were made for a reason.

12 amount of pages is more than enough for a company profile without being too lengthy and boring-trust us, we know. 

For us, we provide a standard of 12 pages for a company profile. Evidently, more layout needs to be constructed.

The cost will vary considering the various features included. However, the provided range gives you a rough estimate and whether it fits your budget.


Price to Edit Company Profile Photos

Almost all company profiles (at least ones we’ve designed) require images.

These include but are not limited to pictures of products, employees, facility and services in progress. 

To date, we often receive raw photos that are of low quality i.e too small, unfocused or with poor resolution.

We’re not complaining but it does need touch-ups if you wish to present them in your company profile. 

Another visual element is stock photos. Although they don’t require editing, they do require payment.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to pay the monthly fee for it, that’s what design agencies are for. 

Taking into account the software, expertise and resources involved, the cost for photo editing varies depending on the complexity of the job

Tip: Consider providing photos that were taken by a professional photographer to save costs in photo editing.


Price to Revise a Company Profile Design

You’ve received the first draft of your company profile but you’re not completely satisfied.

That’s okay. Design projects are entitled to a number of revisions before finalization. 

Commonly, 1-2 design revisions are provided whereas we give our clients up to 4 revisions. This is because more revisions need more time and brainpower to do.

Plus, it’s best to set a limit so clients don’t get carried away with any unnecessary changes.

Nevertheless, if you’ve missed something that needs alteration after you’ve used up the number of revisions, you’ll need to pay extra for it.

The average cost to revise the design of a company profile depends on many factors so there isn’t a fixed cost for it. 

Tip: After receiving the first draft, take some time to thoroughly check for errors or elements that need changing. To avoid paying more, use your 4 revisions carefully.



Price of Hiring Designers

Stop racking your brain learning about how to design a company profile. That’s what designers are for. 

With a designer, you’ll get a modern and professional company profile that best represents your company.

But, do take note on the manpower involved in creating such a masterpiece. 

A company profile may seem simple enough to do but it needs teamwork.

Graphic designers, editors and copywriters are just some of the usual team involved in completing a corporate profile. 

They’re not just hired to do the job, they are also able to recommend ideas that you wouldn’t have even considered.

With such skills, they deserve a fair payment right?

Printing Cost of a Company Profile

Price of Company Profile Cover

A company profile cover is just 2 pages. But those 2 pages are just as important as everything else in your corporate profile.

Traditionally, there are 2 options to choose from for company profile covers- soft cover or hard cover.

Soft-cover Hard-cover
Low cost Higher cost
Light & compact Strong & Hard
Flexible Rigid


Price of Company Profile Finishes

Whether you choose soft-cover or hard-cover, your company profile cover can also have a specialized finish for that extra result. 


Choices include but not limited to:

  • Matte lamination (+5%)

Provides a velvety and smooth surface for the cover and back. Covers that have striking colors should opt for matte laminate as it softens the color, creating a clean finish.


  • Gloss lamination (+5%)

Produces a shiny and reflective finish which enhances the colors, providing a vibrant finish to the ink on the cover and back.


  • SPOT UV effect (cost may differ +/- 15%)

Joined with a matte finish background, a spot UV effect coats a specific area of print (mostly text).

This is to add contrast and depth to the cover and back so readers are instantly attracted to this finish. 


  • Hot stamping (Depends on the artwork design. Rarely requested) 

Also known as foil stamping, this effect involves the stamping of pre-dried ink or foils onto a page using heat.

It will create a shiny surface effect, almost holographic but not many choose this finish.

Frankly speaking, it is a less suitable option for company profiles compared to other finishes. 

It’s best to stick with a standard finish that does the job well and isn’t too heavy on your wallet.


Price of Company Profile Binding

Binding is what glues the whole thing together, literally.

Generally, company profiles can either be produced with saddle stitch binding or perfect binding. 

Saddle stitch – Used for less than 55 pages since the bookbinding consists of staples into the spine of the folded booklet. 

Perfect binding – Applied to company profiles with more than 55 pages. Pages and cover are bonded together at the spine with thermal glue for strength and durability. 

There’s not much difference in price for either of these two choices. It all depends mainly on how many pages your company profile has. 


Price of Company Profile Dimensions

A company profile is usually corporate-oriented so being too out of the box can be risky.

Remember, your company profile is targeted for your potential opportunities, not based on your own personal preferences. 

To be safe and avoid unnecessary costs, stick with a normal A4 sized company profile design-landscape or portrait.

We suggest this standard dimension as any size other than A4 will surely cost more.

This is because the printer will have to either cut or supply more roll paper. Hence more wasted paper, more money spent.


Price to Print Company Profile

Although there are some clients who wish for a PDF version, if your main purpose is to hand them out to future clients, partners or suppliers, print your company profile.

Unless you require a large number of printed company profiles, the price to print each one is not greatly effected.

Ask your hired professional team to print for you since they already know your preferences and it’s easier to communicate. 


Overall Cost for a Company Profile

With all things considered, a company profile basically costs as much as you like.

A company profile is essential for companies to build their corporate identity.

To look professional, you need a professional team to help you achieve it. 

That is why you should never compromise quality over the price to hire a professional to create your company profile. 

We have been designing and printing uncountable company profiles for years now so we know how to meet your needs better than anyone. 

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