The Powerful Purpose of a Company Profile

Why is a company profile important?

In the years designing company profiles (profil syarikat), a company profile design depends on the purpose of a company profile.

Although we value each design project, it’s pretty stressful for both parties to create something so intricate so quickly.

So here we are to let you know why company profile is important. Well, it’s a profile of your company. Simple enough yet when done wrong can risk your business.

Basically, it’s a blank canvas for anything company-related but you need to know who it is for and how to design it to your favor. In other words, artwork, and words that work.

With that said, know who your target is first. Then modify the design and content specially made for them to secure conversions. Now let’s reveal the purpose and benefits of company profile.

How do you write a company profile for success?

Recognize the different types of company profiles as follows:

  1. End-users
  2. Potential tenders
  3. Loan application
  4. License approval
  5. Investors

See at least one reason you might need? Find out what your corporate profile needs to drive better results. Don’t put it off before it’s too late.

1. An engaging company profile for customers

Let’s get something straight. Do you have a customer profile?

What is a customer profile?

A customer profile is a detailed document of your customers’ buying patterns, demographic, pain points and interests. It helps a business to design a precise marketing strategy to increase organic profits.

If you have that covered, then it is easier for you to design a company profile that caters to your end-users.

As for the content, your copywriting must be value-driven with information that your target audience can relate to. Being vague will just throw off your readers.

Usually, a company profile for customers is pretty straightforward. It doesn’t need to be too packed with information. Just enough relevant content that resonates most with your end-users.

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2. Win your next tender submission

Basically, there are two types of tender submissions – government tenders and open tenders. Both are challenging to succeed but there are ways to succeed among other competitors.

Still, being in a project-based industry is not exempt from tender bidding so you need to be prepared to WIN. Besides an incredible pitch, another surefire approach is a thorough business profile.

Purpose of a Company Profile for Government Tenders

Government tenders are notably popular because the work is more orderly and payment is secured. Also, projects that obtain a government tender are much more reputable and distinguished.

Since government tenders are centrally advertised, it is easy to submit a bid but competition is high due to its accessibility. So how do you succeed with government tenders?

Usually, the government office is only attracted to tenders that meet all their needs yet cost less. So ensure your company profile includes your list of services and completed projects in a way that catches their eye.

Information on Government Tenders, head over to the Ministry of Works Official Portal.

Purpose of a Company Profile for Open Tenders and Selective Tenders

What’s the difference? Open tenders will need to go through a pre-qualification process whereas selective tenders are those invited to prepare tenders.

Either way, both tender processes demand the same requirements. This is where you need a company profile for tender submissions that includes your business capabilities.

So include how you can meet the project objectives, successful projects, where you source your materials and other deliverables.

3. A business profile to apply for loans

How do banks decide to give business loans? If you look at the required documents to apply for loans, you’ll see that a company profile is on the list.

Other relevant records such as the latest annual return, management accounts, and creditors are also on the list. But what if you could include it all in one document?

Sure you could write up a business loan proposal but having a company profile that has the same details for a business loan is way better. This way, you can easily reuse it for other purposes as well. How’s that for time-saving?

4. The easy way to get a business license

You need a business premise license and signboard license if you’re in Malaysia. Other general licenses include company registration, tax registration, HR development fund, and more.

But you already know this so we won’t bother you with the details. What you might not know is that you can simply get a business license with the right company profile.

First, contact your local state authority to know what documents are needed. Then, create a corporate profile that includes them all in a presentable way. Thus, you don’t run the risk of sending the authorities the wrong details. That would be embarrassing.


5. One purpose of a company profile is to impress potential investors

The million ringgit question is – What are investors looking for in a company?

Even we ourselves would only invest our time doing something we like. Money-wise, investors rely on other factors before they consider investing in your business.

Anyone who has ever watched Shark Tank knows how intense the process is. So to be safe when pitching to potential investors, they need to be certain you’re not a risky investment. After all, it’s their money that’s on the line.

Hence, being persuasive isn’t appreciated. So impress them with your company’s strong values, competitive advantage, and solid strategies to generate cash flow. Present all of them in a company profile then you’re good to go. All you need now is a charming spokesperson to work their magic.

Get a Company Profile Made Just for You

So now you know a company profile isn’t just the basic information about your company. Because there are many ways advantages of having a company profile.

But if you already know why you need it, hire an expert company profile designer in Malaysia (Us!) for professional company profile services.

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