Guide to Write a Complete Manufacturing Company Profile

A manufacturing business needs a complete manufacturing company profile. 

Regardless if you’re an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) or ODM (Original Design Manufacturing), a manufacturing business profile is a must-have to stay successful in the industry. 

Although a self-made and simple corporate profile seems enough for your company, it won’t be as professional as one made by an experienced company profile designer. 

By the end of this blog article, you will know the ins and out of writing a manufacturing company profile professionally.

How to Write a Company Profile for a Manufacturing Company

Every company profile for every industry is different due to the particular content it needs. 

Even so, it also depends on whether the company profile is for investors, stakeholders, tenders, and/or government loans.

For something so important, making a company profile from a free online company profile template is a big no-no. 

Especially for a manufacturing company that needs detailed and thorough data to impress the right people. 

Here’s a guide to writing a complete manufacturing company profile like an expert. 

1. Why you need the company profile 

Even before you established a manufacturing company, you already have corporate details such as company name, location, the board of directors, and the like. 

Nonetheless, including an introduction to your manufacturing company isn’t enough. 

So set those aside first and identify why you need a company profile for your manufacturing company. 

Here are some of the reasons you will need a company profile:

  1. Loan application
  2. Supplier request
  3. Certification application
  4. Investors
  5. Stakeholders
  6. Clients

Some will let you know what information they need such as company details, the board of directors, production capacity, and annual revenue.

But don’t panic if they don’t. We’ll get to the structure later. 

2. Manufacturing company profile tone

Remember why you need to write a company profile? 

So based on your answer, it will help you decide on the tone or style of your manufacturing company profile. 

Imagine you’re one of the certification approvers under SIRIM, which style of company profile would appeal most to you?

  1. Straight forward, detailed, corporate tone
  2. Storytelling, irrelevant information, lengthy

Of course, you’ll prefer the first one. 

People want information fast, especially for a company profile. 

You could use the (2) strategy but that’s more suitable for use in a website company profile.  

3. Define your company goals

Mission and vision statements are a must for every company.

However, there are times where we come across companies with goals that are just too general. 

Don’t state your goals just for the sake of it. 

Set realistic and specific goals for your company so readers know your company is working hard towards those set goals. 

It’s good to be future-oriented. But don’t put too many goals.

Readers will feel that you’re too impractical and far-fetched. 

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4. Evolution of the company

Some readers are curious to know how your manufacturing company grew from nothing. 

It not only portrays your history, but it’s also an inspiration for them.

Also, your company history is important to show consistent progress over the years.

This helps convince readers you are striving hard to reach your goals. 

However, if you think merely writing paragraphs of your company’s evolution, readers will flip through it immediately. 

So, if you don’t have the time to figure out the graphics of designing a timeline, hire a company profile designer.

We’ll put your textual information in a way that won’t bore your readers. 


5. Manufacturing company profile structure

You’re finally here!

You already have all the information you wish to include in your company profile but how do you structure it?

Are there any rules to follow? Do you just go with your gut? Or is referring to company profile samples enough?

Relax. We’ve got the whole thing covered. 

Here, we’re not all talk. We’ve come up with a company profile format that suits the manufacturing industry perfectly. 

  1. Introduction
  2. Board of directors
  3. Policies (if applicable)
  4. Products 
  5. Clientele
  6. Credentials & Certification
  7. Contact Information

By including all this in your company profile, it’s safe to say you’ll tick all the boxes no matter who your company profile is for. 

6. Your company’s CTA

You’re not done yet though. 

Even though you’ve included every detail of your company possible, putting a call to action guides the reader on what to do next. 

Whether you’re looking for a raw material supplier or business opportunities, they will need the information to contact you further. 

So, include your company’s website address if you have one or highlight your company’s contact details so they know exactly how to stay in contact. 

7. Check for errors

You’ve done it! Everything seems to be in order and you’re satisfied with how it looks. 

But wait! Before you print 100 copies of it, you must check the whole document for any errors. 

This includes any design flaws such as colors, element placement or image sizes. 

Or grammatical errors such as punctuation, spelling or any repeated text.

Some readers may look past minor errors but why risk it? 

However, you may not have the time to check all that.

So why not hire a company profile design agency with in-house copywriters to do it for you?manufacturing-company-profile

A Master at Writing a Manufacturing Company Profile 

A company profile is crucial for every company to stay among the big players.

This guide on how to write a manufacturing company profile can benefit you if you don’t know where and how to start writing a company profile. 

However, running a business and worrying about writing a professional company profile can be too much to bear. 

Here’s an idea. Hire a company profile designer equipped with the expertise and experience in making company profiles for various industries. 

Look no further than here. We can design your manufacturing company profile complete with copywriting expertise and designing skills. 

Just fill in the details below, a comprehensive quote will be sent straight to you within 24 hours.

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