How to Write a Logistics Company Profile the Right Way

Transport and logistics companies need a company profile to gain trust and improve their reputation.

There are thousands of transportation and logistics companies in the world so having an impressive logistics company profile is a must. 

Whether you require a printed company profile, company profile PDF or a website company profile, it is important to do it right. 

This is because it is the main information document that people will use to know more about you. 

Hence, with that said, here’s a guide to how to write an impressive logistics company profile professionally.

Types of Transport Company Profiles

What is a transportation company?

A transportation and logistics company is a type of business that transports freight from one place to another. Usually, it is the main channel for manufacturing companies. The process of logistics includes storage, exchange of information, transportation, warehousing,  and handling.

Logistics and transport companies might have different content of company profile compared to other industries. 

Hence, you will first need to know if your business falls under this category so you don’t miss anything out. 

List of Transportation Company Profiles

  1. Freight Forwarding Company Profile
  2. Courier Company Profile
  3. Sea Logistics Company Profile
  4. Shipping Company Profile
  5. Global Logistics Company Profile
  6. General Transport Company Profile

If your company is any of the above or has a similar business nature, read these tips to write a professional logistics corporate profile. 

Tips to Write Logistics Company Corporate Profile 

Writing a corporate profile seems easy when you download free company profile samples online and edit yourself. 

However, it isn’t the best option because it may not look as professional compared to other business profiles out there. 

Frankly speaking, a company profile template is a quick fix but a professionally-made corporate profile is better for the long run. 

So, if you’re a transportation company, follow these tips to know how to write a logistics company profile the right way. 


Logistics Company Profile Content

1. Introduction

Introduce your company with information such as the background, mission statement, and company history.

But, don’t get carried away by writing irrelevant information because you will definitely bore your readers. 

2. Services

This section is what readers will want to know most from you. So, present it well.

From warehousing to transportation, organize each of your services clearly with enough information to attract readers.

3. Facilities

Include all your technology and tools in this section such as your warehouse management, heavy vehicles, material handling equipment, and more. 

It will notify your readers about the advanced facilities you have which will further convince them to do business with you.

5. Partners

Basically, it is similar to testimonials, including a list of your partners lets readers know you are reliable and trustworthy in the industry.

You may also include the services you have successfully provided so readers believe your business delivers quality service. 

6. Contact Information

Your contact details are how your readers will contact you whether it’s by your address, phone number, email address or company website. 

Including them in your transport company profile will come in handy when they decide to do business with you in the future. 

Why you need a company profile

Although it is absolutely necessary for all logistics companies to have corporate profiles, oftentimes you may need it other than for general purposes. 

This includes the following

  • Company profile for investors
  • Corporate company profile for loans
  • Business company profile for stakeholders
  • Company profile for global expansion

The parties involved for each company profile purpose would normally ask for particular company details to include in your company profile. 

But, from our viewpoint, creating a comprehensive company profile with all the relevant details already includes will save you more time and energy. 

Worried you might leave something behind? Have a company profile designer that can update your company profile for free*! 

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Logistics company profile design

Generally, the transportation business is a corporate organization. 

So, a colorful and creative company profile won’t suit well with an industry so established. 

As experienced company profile designers ourselves, we know exactly how to portray your company professionally. 

For us, the design is not the only thing that matters. Content structure and the overall look of the company profile go hand in hand. 

Hence, by applying a minimal yet eye-catching design, your company profile will have an impressive design and content better than you imagined. 


Write a Logistic Company Profile the Right Way

Now you know how to write a transportation corporate profile, are you sure you’re up for the task to professionally create a detailed document yourself?

It may sound easy, but without the right resources or skills, your company profile won’t attract the right attention. 

That’s why you need a professional to do it for you. 

We’re fully prepared to design and write your company profile that meets your industry standards to impress those prospects. 

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