How to Write an Oil and Gas Company Profile the Right Way

A professional company profile for oil and gas companies builds trust and boosts the reputation.

The oil and gas industry is a major sector of the economy worldwide. So, having a corporate profile is monumental for such an essential business.

With that said, it won’t do you any good if you decide to write a company profile yourself. Because it is more than just what you feel is good, you need to convince potential clients as well.

Read on to know just exactly how to write a professional oil and gas company profile in Malaysia.

What is Upstream Oil and Gas?

The upstream sector, also known as Exploration and Production (E&P) sector mainly involves exploring and producing crude oil and natural gas, and natural gas liquids (NGL).

Basically, the E&P sector is associated with the initial heavy lifting by exploring and extracting new sources of oil and gas.

List of Upstream Oil and Gas Companies

  1. Integrated Oil Companies
  2. Independent E&P Companies
  3. Diversified Oil-field Service Companies
  4. Pure-play oil-field service or equipment companies

More information on upstream oil and natural gas companies.


Oil and Gas Company Profile Content

First of all, you need to list down what are the contents of an oil and gas company. Being brief doesn’t show transparency but being too detailed can be boring.

So what information should a company profile for oil & gas company contain?


Basically, the first page of an oil and gas company profile pdf should contain your business overview.
This includes relevant details such as your company’s mission statement, background, and brief history.

However, it is easy to get carried away when you’re writing a company profile yourself. What we would do is bullet the mission and vision statement, write the background concisely, and create a timeline for your company’s history.

Services & Solutions

Here’s the main part of an oil and gas trading company profile pdf – your services or in other words, how you can help your readers.

Primarily, for any upstream oil and gas company, highlight the top demanded service above all others.

List of Services by Upstream Oil and Gas Companies

  1. Locating energy sources
  2. Energy data management
  3. Drilling and formation evaluation
  4. Geological Sciences
  5. Well construction
  6. Production services

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Facilities & Equipment

Needless to say, oil is crucial to the global economy which is why it’s one of the largest industries in the world! Having said that, the facilities and equipment must be of top quality and performance.

In the case of Exploration & Production (E&P) companies, the facilities and equipment is everything that involves the oil wells, the pipeline, and transportation of crude oil.

However, merely stating so won’t entice your readers, especially if it’s a lengthy list. So, what we do is include actual photos of your equipment not just as proof, but to enhance your petroleum company profile pdf.


For such an essential industry, partnerships are key to maintain good business relationships.

Evidently, partnerships are a gateway to more knowledge, vary your resources, enhances your image, and widens your customer base. Thus, promising long-term stability for your business.

By listing out your partners, readers (partners to-be) are not only impressed but have more trust in your company.

Contact Information in Oil & Gas Company Profile

Finally, the easy part – the CTA your readers will use to get further information from you. Sure, you could hand out business cards, but readers will feel more inclined to contact you straight away if your information is in the E&P company profile.

For that reason, we include details for direct contact to you such as your address, phone number, email address, and company website. Make sure all channels are responsive too!


Oil and Gas Company Profile Designer

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Oil and Gas Company Profile Writer

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