3 Steps to run a Business in the Digital Era



# Step 1 : Start your Business

From Employee to Entrepreneur
In general, there are 2 types of business entities in Malaysia that suits to a new startup business. A sole Proprietorship / Partnership and Sendirian Berhad. For a startup with minimum budget, you may opt to register as a Sole Proprietorship / Partnership in SSM – https://www.ssm.com.my/. It has a minimum startup fee of about hundred a year compare to register as a Sendirian Berhad that will cost a few thousands a year.


You have registered a business in SSM. What is next?

Create a logo

A logo can be a simple company logo or a brand logo. Create a simple one to start with. It can be a word logo created using your word file.  You may always enhance it in the later stage when your business are growing stable. A unique designed logo should always portray your business nature. I will explain it in more details one of these days.



A company chop

Create a simple company chop. You will need it to open a company bank account. Do it simple and keep it in a safe place.


A name card

Namecard is required if you are meeting up with people. Namecard consists of information like : company name, company logo, your name, contact number, address, website, email, products & services. It is the first impression and the fastest way to pass information to your potential customers. Make your namecard professional and presentable.  



A Domain Name / Website Address

Register a domain name or a website address with your business identity. For example, if you are in food industry, and your company name is Kent & Yen, you may register www.kydelicious.com or www.kyyummy.com . Make it short and easy to remember. Create a simple webpage with basic contact information and business nature. Make sure you create your online presence on the 1st day you start your business. A domain name that register for years is better than a newly register domain name. 


An email and email signature

After you own a domain, you may create emails under your domain. Create an email signature where it carry your identity, your business nature and your credibility.  Create a simple and attractive one to be easily remember by your receiver.

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# Step 2 : Grow your Business Online


A Website

If your business is very much depends on the internet, you must own a website that better explain your business in the era of digital. Create a website that have visitors and can generate sales leads rather than a website full of information but without anyone knowing about it.


There are steps to create a workable website that generate potential leads.


– Frontend – 

First Impressions Matter

Let your visitors know your services at first glance. Using eye catchy headlines that best create attention. Identify customer pain points by telling your potential leads how your products/services can solve their problem. Customer doesn’t care about your company, they ONLY care about whether or not your products/services meet their requirements.



Project portfolios and customer testimonials helps to increase trust because customer good experience worth a thousand words. You may need to make the website browsing experience simple and easy too.


Call to Action Button

Always include a call to action button after a several paragraph or several sections in your website. Visitors can easily click on the button to make enquiry or contact you for further discussion and information.



– Backend & SEO – 

Website Optimization

Simplify the coding, optimising the photos to make the website loading time faster. With the number of mobile visitors increasing tremendous nowadays, having a fast loading website is a must. People don’t want to wait for your stunning website to load. They just want to get the information fast and easy.



Proper title, keywords and descriptions are required for all your pages. You may also need an open graph tags that will controls what content shows up when a page is shared on Facebook.


Keywords Study and Research

Having the suitable keywords in your website that best describe your business, products and services. Be more specific in your keywords by using the Five Ws methods – who, what, where, when and why. Relevant keywords will helps your website to target the right person.



Install google analytics on your webpage to track and read the behavior of visitors.


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# Step 3 – Expand your Business Online

Content Marketing

Website with good content that related to your business will be listed on top of the search ranking. There are advantages to frequently updating your website. For example:

  • To Know You Better
    To let your potential leads know about your company’s recent news and activities. The more they know about you, the higher chance they will become your customer.
  • To Speak out Your Speciality 
    To educate your potential leads about your products and services. For example: How your products and services may helps them to solve their current issues. Why they need your products/services etc.
  • To create for the Community
    To create useful content for the community. Giving something to the community, and in return you will get something back. Google loves good contents, sharing your knowledge to the community can helps the new comer to learn too. Don’t be afraid to share because the more you share, the more you will get in return.
  • Latest Technology
    To updates your potential leads the latest technology in your industries. Be the one that stay ahead of others, be the market leader in this business line.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media platform like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus just to name a few, are commonly use nowadays. Make your business presence in as much platform as possible and updates it frequently. How to make it possible?

  • Create contents for social media and use it for all the platform.
  • You may also use the content from your articles/blog and share it to social media.
  • Schedule the post and post it to different platform using 3rd party applications. You may set the time and date to post your content to all the platform. Hassle free, let the technology do the work.


# Conclusion

Information are overloaded from the internet. People are holding the phone and flipping through the information. Their eyes will focus on good design with short tagline. They won’t spend much time to read long paragraph. Making your sentence short and attractive are vital. It is important to reach them fast with fast loading website and with eye catchy headlines.

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