5 Company Profile Content Businesses Overlook

The fundamentals of company profile

You’ve just decided to launch an official business, but now it’s time to think of ways to impress your potential customers with a company profile.


The most effective and easiest method to secure your next customer is with an astounding company profile (profil syarikat). But there are several items that company’s overlook to include in their company profile.

Aspects such as your company’s details, history, services, clientele and certification are the key to a spectacular company profile.

Optional additions are entirely up to you! Team details, testimonials, relevant programs and projects, whatever you fancy.

Be careful to not go overboard. If it may entice future clients, then write away!

1. Tell your story

Does your company have a worth-mentioning history? Any interesting anecdotes only your company has?

If that’s the case, indulge your future customers to your company’s evolution.

A foolproof way to charm customers is through success stories. Nevertheless, a simple write-up may bore readers so sprucing up your story by designing an eye-catching timeline will surely make them hold their horses.


Take a look at other well-known businesses like Petronas here that chronologically explain their progress over the years. Another amazing example would be B&F Group that has grown to be an established wheel loader manufacturer and distributor in Malaysia today. Toggle through the history to learn more about the community they have built.

On the other hand, Wendy’s and White Castle use inspired insights to describe their expansion interactively. So use a timeline that can amaze your readers.


2. Meet the Team

Do you value your team? Does your team deserve recognition?

Companies who do should feature their team members in their company profile to show what the team can do.

When done in the most organised, polished and refined way, possibilities of winning the hearts of prospective customers will intensify.

Company Profile Content Businesses Overlook

Providing brief profiles of your team members can be too plain. So include notable expertise that enabled your company to thrive over the years.

Displaying your team reinforces your company’s transparency which most businesses seem to lack today.


3. Credentials

Share every achievement you can think of to show off to your potential customers!

This provides them with a form of assured quality that they are looking for in a company. Illustrating your clientele is further glorified when certification is included.

From event sponsorship, rewards, initiatives and endorsements, your next buyer will be swept off their feet with how much you’ve accomplished!

It’s just like looking for the perfect job candidate to employ. Certificates of their experience exemplify their image. Who knows, your next customer might be your future ‘employer’.

Credentials are proof of quality


4. Our Clientele

It doesn’t matter whether your business is B2B or B2C, your potential clients want to know who you’ve worked with so list down your top ones!

Display your regular customers to show that your services have garnered trust more than once. If you have statistics on customer’s satisfaction, include those numbers as well!

Company Profile Content Businesses Overlook

5. Client’s Reviews

Listing down your clients may not be enough for your future customers.

Testimonials are significant evidence provided by your previous clients that can convince your future clients.

Ask for reviews right after doing business! Not only for service feedback, but also to let prospective customers know how competent your company is.

It’s always a good idea to include what customers say about your services, especially ones that have bettered their life one way or another.


All in all

These contents in a company profile design are just what you need to grasp your future prospects.

Keep it updated when noteworthy changes come along or else you’ll have to spend more to create a whole new one. Read The Charges of Designing a Company Profile to know more.

Writing a company profile can be distressing and can take up a fair amount of time. Don’t worry, we’re happy to help your company with any of your Company Profile Design needs.


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