How to Write a Medical Company Profile Professionally

How to Write a Medical Company Profile Professionally

A medical company profile is important for any medical-related company.

Medical companies need to have a specialized company profile as a crucial step to earn your prospect’s trust and business. 

Whether for financial institutions, investors, or partnerships, a medical company profile should be made professionally. 

So, before you decide to download a medical company profile template, let’s get into how to write a professional medical company profile. 

Why do you need a medical company profile?

Generally, every company may need a company profile for several purposes.

Usually, a medical corporate profile is used for business deals, partnerships, certification applications, and investments. 

With such important uses relating to other huge organizations, you will need to hire a professional company profile designer.

Medical Company Profile Format and Content

Cover Page

The cover page of a professional company profile should look clean but attractive. 

After all, it is the first page your prospects will see so it needs to look presentable. 

The cover design must also be in theme with the overall design and portray your business correctly.

How to Write a Medical Company Profile Professionally


Your medical company profile introduction is where you can describe your company.

Our approach is to include a page with your best features first to hook your prospect’s attention.

Then, you can get into your corporate details such as your overview, history, what you offer, and milestones. 

Organizational Structure

In the medical industry, the reputation and certification of your key team members are essential. 

So, if your top management has a reputable image, including their short profiles will certainly appeal to your target readers. 

It also shows you value your employees who help maintain your company goals and values.

Medical Products / Services 

Next will be to showcase your medical devices or services in a well-designed structure. 

In this section, we tend to avoid merely listing down your products/services unless you want a catalog version. 

With the information given, we will find the best way to present your products/services that really seals the deal. 


Whether you have certified medical products or medical services, they need their own section for your readers to clearly see. 

This section may be the most important for your medical company profile as your prospects demand certified products/services. 

Medical Device Approval

Register your medical product with the Malaysian Medical Device Authority (MDA).

Medical Services Approval

To practice medicine in Malaysia, you must register with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC)

Partners & Clients

In the partners and clients section, you can display all your partnerships and clientele to prove your business is well-known in the industry.

You can attract your prospects with this section to finally make their decision to do business with your company. 

Contact Information

Usually, your contact information will be on the back cover of your medical business profile.

It is easier for your readers to find a call-to-action if they’re interested in doing business with you or have further inquiries.

The most crucial contact details you’ll need are your official company name, corporate address, phone number, and website address.

How to Write a Medical Company Profile Professionally

Looking for Medical Company Profile Design & Copywriting?

Now that you know how to write a medical corporate profile, you must know the importance of hiring a professional. 

By hiring a professional company profile designer and copywriter, your medical company profile will look professional and impressive.

We have been designing company profiles for many industries including the medical industry. 

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