Cost of Company Profile Printing in Malaysia for 2021

Complete Breakdown of Company Profile Printing Cost

So, you’ve gone through the company profile design and company profile copywriting stages, now you’re ready for company profile printing!

But don’t get too excited just yet. 

Certainly, there are many factors to consider before you have a hard copy of your professional company profile. 

But don’t worry, we’ll get straight to the point. 

Here are the factors that affect the price of company profile printing.

Costs of Printing Company Profile

Printing company profile designs may seem like a straightforward process.

However, you must know the specifics before sending your corporate profile to print. 

So, here is a breakdown of all the aspects involved for booklets printing in Malaysia

1. Company Profile Cover Cost

Cost of Company Profile Printing in Malaysia for 2021

Basically, the front and back pages of your corporate profile are what your readers see first.

So, the printing of the cover should be the topmost priority among any other pages.  

However, we highly recommend choosing the softcover over the hardcover booklets printing in Malaysia if you don’t have too many pages (standard page count is 8 – 12). 

Soft Cover Hard Cover
  • Costs less
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Flexible
  • Costs more
  • Hard
  • Dense
  • Rigid

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2. Cost of Finishes

Once you’ve chosen between a softcover or hardcover, consider the finishes of your company profile design cover. 

In general, there are a few so refer to this list of various finishes you can choose from when printing a profile. 

Matte Lamination

Price: +5%
Smooth surface
Suits covers with bold colors
Clean finish

Gloss Lamination

Price: +5%
Reflective and shiny surface
Enhances colors
Vibrant finish

Spot UV effect

Price: +/- 15%
Matte background
Custom spot UV effect (commonly text)
Adds contrast
Textured finish

Hot Stamping / Foil Stamping

Price: Highly depends on artwork due to low demand
Uses heat to stamp pre-dried ink or foil
Shiny surface (holographic-like)
Less suitable for company profiles


3. Company Profile Binding Cost

Cost of Company Profile Printing in Malaysia for 2021

Generally, the binding of your company profile mainly depends on the number of pages of a company profile. 

So how many pages should a company profile have? Well, it is up to you but we have a standard page count of 8 – 12 pages. 

Hence, take look below to know which type of binding your corporate profile needs.

Saddle Stitch Booklets Printing in Malaysia

  • For less than 55 pages
  • Stapled spine
  • Folded booklet
Perfect Binding Booklets Printing in Malaysia
  • For more than 55 pages
  • Thermally glued spine
  • Pages individually bonded

Because the cost comes down to how many pages your company profile has, there is not a significant difference between these 2 options. 

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4. Cost of Company Profile Dimensions

We’ve been printing company profiles for ages so we know having crazy size dimensions for your business profile is not a good idea. 

Basically, the size dimension of a company profile is in A4.

However, you can choose whether to print in landscape or portrait (the latter is the most common). 

Take Note!

Landscape layout is only applicable for Offset Printing.

Whereas portrait layout uses Digital Printing.

Not only is the standard A4 size the easiest and most economical to print, it surely is cheaper. 

Thus, you won’t have to worry about wasting paper to cut or supply more roll paper during the printing process. 

Company Profile Booklets Printing in Malaysia

All in all, this guide provides a rough idea of how different aspects affect the printing price in Malaysia

In conclusion, a business profile is one of the most essential documents your company should have in 2021. 

Hence, choosing the right company profile printing services is crucial for a perfected design and printing of a company profile.

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